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IM Therapeutics, tenant of C2I, launches Phase 1b Trial of Lead Drug IMT-002

IM Therapeutics is currently a tenant of C2I Accelerator and a leading innovator in the field of precision medicine for autoimmune diseases and has announced that they have launched a Phase 1b study of their lead drug IMT-002 and have also announced positive safety data of their Phase 1a study. “We are encouraged by the favorable safety findings in our first study,” said Nandan Padukone, Ph.D., CEO of IM Therapeutics. “The PK profile of our lead drug candidate indicates a strong possibility of eventually having a once-daily oral therapy for patients with recent diagnosis of T1D, more than half of whom are pediatric patients,” he added. “We will continue to focus on expanding our pipeline of therapeutic candidates for patients impacted by autoimmune disease including celiac, lupus, and rare diseases.”


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