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Evan Zhao

CEO of Revela (now ODDITY Labs)

"C2I was the most supportive and helpful we could have ever asked for. Everyone we worked with truly wanted to help us do amazing science and I couldn't think of a better place to do research!"

Irving Sucholeik

Founder & CEO, Aquilus Pharmaceuticals

The CreaGen Life Science Incubator has all of the things that we need to perform chemical synthesis, allowing us to quickly achieve our objectives."

Vittorio Montanari

Founder & CEO, VeraQuel Technolgies Inc

"The CreaGen Life Science Incubator's facilities contains all of the equipment necessary to conduct the research in our STTR grants and further develop our technology."

Igor Sokolov

Founder, Nano Science Solutions

"CreaGen has helped not only in providing space, but also a great asset for networking and collaborations, stimulating development of business synergy."

Dan Forte

CEO, Quantum Technology Group

"The CreaGen Life Science Incubator, a remarkable laboratory that offers affordable world class facilities and instrumentation. Early stage startups could never commence on any project without first addressing their costly infrastructure requirements. CreaGen is a turnkey laboratory and we thank the Creagen team for their help."

Ken Mandell

Founder, LayerBio

"The CreaGen Life Science Incubator has provided valuable services and facilities, enabling our technical progress and success as a company so far."


"C2I is one of the three life science incubators we looked at. We are glad that we finally chose C2I.  The facility is clean and has all the essential equipments we are looking for.  Staff members at C2I are very knowledgeable and attentive.  Ordering is streamlined and easy to use.  Our work at C2I allowed us to finish our lab work in time for our company’s fundraising event.  Many thanks to Raj and Anny for their support and help!"

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