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About CreaGen Business Incubator

[about c2i]

[who we are]

C2I is a flexible and affordable chemistry-focused facility located in Woburn, Massachusetts. 

C2I is currently home to 13 startups at our new facility with the capability to provide more than 30 life science entrepreneurs a place to call home and all the resources critical for them to conduct proof-of-concept research and develop their inventions into future commercial products.


As C2I was once a small biotech startup itself, we know how hard it is to get your business off the ground. The C2I Accelerator wishes to alleviate some of those obstacles, providing a platform for researchers to create, collaborate, innovate, and discover a path to success in a faster and more efficient manner. 

[what we do]

C2I Accelerator is focused comprehensively on all life science sectors. Our objective is to attract, identify and support the next generation of life science entrepreneurs and their technologies.


Located not too far from the educational hubs of Boston, C2I has the ability to draw and cultivate ideas from a great variety of life science minds, serving as a platform to promote innovation and collaboration.


By providing lab space, top of the line instruments and guidance when needed, C2I hopes to be the place where the next collection of great medical advancements can happen.


C2I enables a collaborative environment which allows thought-sharing and creative exchange. This valuable co-working facility also offers our aspiring tenant companies immediate chemistry resources, experienced scientists to trouble-shoot and conduct project-based opportunities and more. 


Our flexible approach enables efficient and uninhibited research and exploration.  



[What we have]

C2I offers a newly renovated 20,000 sq. ft. facility, fully equipped with chemistry, biology, and tissue culture labs with high-end instrumentation. In addition, there is ample private and semiprivate cubicle space. There is fully-furnished kitchen-dining, lounge, free Wi-Fi, and parking. Unparalleled direct access to experienced mentors, advisers, investors, and professional services is available to support our tenants. In house direct access to CRO, and technical support is always available makes our facility truly unique. 


As well as direct access to a network of professional services, advisors, consultants, and investors to support our tenants throughout their stay. 


C2I allows scientists and entrepreneurs a plug-and-play facility with permitted labs and office space designed for growth, and common area to facilitate interaction and collaboration.


The ability to access fully equipped drug discovery chemistry labs and a biology facility, with the basic needs to conduct POC studies, is what C2I prides itself on, as it allows our tenants easy access to the instruments they need to create their products. 

[What we believe]

C2I knows the importance of innovation, and we believe that when the necessary reactants are provided, any driven and passionate start up can not just survive, but thrive.


As we know, in order to predict your future, you must create it. With this in mind, C2I believes in keeping an environment that provides everything from lab space and high end chemical equipment to business counseling when needed, while still allowing room for start ups to grow and mold their own future success. 


Believing in and helping out each other are important steps in a relationship between companies, as we must rely on one another to progress together.


That is precisely why the C2I Accelerator was created, to foster a community of life science companies committed to investing in growth together. 

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