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6th Annual Advances in Chemical Sciences Symposium

It was an honor for CreaGen Life Science Incubator and CreaGen Inc. to have served as volunteers at the “6th Annual Advances in Chemical Sciences Symposium” to support the community of the New Eastern Section of the Amercian Chemistry Society (NESACS).

The speakers have shared their latest break-throughs and new discoveries in the chemistry realm. Attendees and vendors from all around New England area and Canada came together to be a part of incredible event and made it such a great success. We look to the next ACS Symposium.

May 5th Symposium: “6th Annual Advances in Chemical Sciences Symposium” at Royal Sonesta Speakers:


Sabine Hadida: Vertex Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, CA

Title: Discovery of CFTR Modulators for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis


Gary Molander: University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Title: Single Electron Processes to Enable Organic Synthesis


Stephen L. Buchwald: MIT, Cambridge, MA

Title: Palladium-Catalyzed Carbon-Heteroatom Bond-Forming Reactions for the Functionalization of Molecules Big and Small


Jeremy Jenkins: Novartis, Cambridge, MA

Title: Mechanism of Action: Deconvolution of Small Molecules


Timothy Guzi: Blueprint Medicines, Cambridge, MA

Title: Crafting Highly Selective Kinase Inhibitors


Keynote Speaker: Fraser Stoddard (Nobel Laureate): Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

Title: The Rise and Promise of the Mechanical Bond in Chemistry and Beyond

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