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SQZ Biotech Received $72M in Series C Funding

SQZ Biotech is a C2I alumni and one of our most successful stories. SQZ Biotech joined C2I back in December 2015 and since then, they have grown with their innovative technology.

Who are SQZ Biotech?

"SQZ Biotechnologies' a cell engineering platform allows one to deliver a diverse set of materials into patient cells, providing the opportunity to alter numerous cell functions." SQZ is led by Founder & CEO, Armon Sharei, PhD; Chief Business Officer, Bruce Beutel, PhD; Chief Scientific Officer, Howard Bernstein, MD, PhD.

what is sqz's innovative technology?

SQZ uses membrane disruption to deliver a wide range of materials into primary cell types that has minimal impact on function and viability of cells.

This allows for the development of novel therapies, identification of key targets for conventional/cellular therapy, and the ability to scale the process regardless of cell types, materials, or application to millions of cells per second.


SQZ biotech's promising future

SQZ Biotech has received $72M in Series C venture capital funding to continue development of therapies for oncology therapy, targeting solid tumors, and autoimmune disorders.

SQZ's goal is to be able to activate the patient's immune system's own killer T cells to seek and destroy tumors. Furthermore, SQZ has plans for pre-clinical programs to treat type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders.

The $72M in venture funding was provided by Everblue, Illumina Ventures, Invus, Viva Ventures Biotech Group, and Orient Life.

Congratulations to SQZ Biotech and good luck on your future ventures!

Read the full article here.

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