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CreaGen Chemistry Incubator C2I kicked off its ‘‘Meet the Community Series" an exciting new initiative to build awareness and establish relationships between C2I portfolio companies and decision makers and resources from organizations with in our vibrant life science cluster.

We were fortunate to launch this series by hosting the Director of Strategic Alliances at one of the local Pharma companies to tour the “chemistry centric" facility and to meet our current portfolio companies: Aquilus Pharmaceuticals (, SQZ Biotech (, LayerBio (, Axio Biosciences (, Empiriko (, BioTechnic Products LTD, and CreaGen Discovery (

On observing the interactions during this hour long event, Raj Rajur, C2I ’s Founder said: “It was great to see our entire C2I community together in one room and listen to their respective ‘elevator’ pitches and their exchanges with our guest. We are in early stages with this new incubator model. It is clear we are filling a void and offering companies a capital efficient option for shared access to a facility with high end chemistry equipment.

Shelley Amster, Head of Business Development and Operations, has worked tirelessly to build this incubator business, seemingly overnight. The next challenge is finding a way to grow and to offer our tenants additional resources like biology labs filled with the necessary equipment to conduct their POC studies. Today was validation that it is all worth all the effort.”

As the group broke off, many of the entrepreneurs commented on how much they learned about the others, how they could brainstorm with their neighbors and how helpful CreaGen has been so supportive and helpful in so many ways.

This Series will be a regular part of operations going forward and is one of several ways, we provide value added to our startup community.

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