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As the nation begins to reopen, CreaGen ramps up production of Coviside and donates supplies to hosp

We launched Coviside​ with a simple goal to utilize our resources to help those who need it most. Our nation’s nurses have had their resilience tested for months now putting their lives on the line everyday. We want to express our utmost appreciation for all of their unbelievable work.

Coviside is a hand sanitizer and disinfectant sourced and manufactured in the USA following WHO-recommended formulations. See our website for more details and to purchase Coviside:

@jrey_rn is an exceptional example of what it means to be a nurse. We thank her for her work during this time and everyone else doing their part to keep America healthy.

As the nation begins to reopen, we are staying committed to making sure companies and families can navigate this new life. Everyone, from our CEO to our chemists are working overtime to prepare for donations and fill orders. Thank you for the support!

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