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Chris Scott, CEO & President of Material Answers LLC talks his experience with CreaGen

Chris Scott, CEO & President of Material Answers LLC, worked with CreaGen and C2I Accelerator becoming a resident of our in-house acceleration program.

Material Answers LLC is a technical consulting firm specializing in material science and engineering. Their projects encompass characterization, modeling, design, development, and optimization of all material classes, including polymers, ceramics, metals, and semiconductors.

When Material Answers LLC received a contract with NASA for research into structural polymer composites that could shield against radiation during manned outer space missions, they found that they were in need of lab space quickly with a flexible contract and supportive environment. CreaGen was able to work with Material Answers to provide them the support they needed to complete their project that will be tested on the International Space Station starting in Fall of 2019.

If you need affordable lab space with a team of experienced team that is willing to work with you in a supportive environment, book a tour with us now by clicking here!

To visit Material Answers LLC's website, click here.

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