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Early-Stage Acceleration is Key to a Successful Business.

Entrepreneurs may have fresh ideas for new discoveries, but in order to bring these concepts to clinical development takes time, expertise, and money. In order to grow their business, the founder must juggle assembling a team, finding a space, R&D, and applying for grants/venture capital in order to bring their discovery to market. Early-stage accelerators are meant to foster the start up and accelerate the growth of the company.

C2I Accelerator stands out as a life-science accelerator because we offer mentoring with experienced minds in venture discovery and business; we offer biology/chemistry lab and office space; we have a diverse array of synthesis, analytic, and biology instrumentation. Being a part of the C2I family also means being a part of our network and introductions to other entrepreneurs, investors, and partners.

We are invested in your business' development and success at C2I Accelerator, so book a tour today!

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