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C2I Alumni, Nano-C, Completes $11.5 Million Funding Round: Secures Investment from Analog Devices

Nano-C, a C2I alumni, is a leading developer in nanostructured carbon for energy and electronics applications. Congratulations upon completion of $11.5 million round of funding and a final $3 million tranche from Chairman Ray Strata of Analog Devices.

Some of their products include:

• Next Generation Memory - Nantero is using Nano-C's carbon nanotubes in its NRAM chips which have read-write speeds of DRAM with lower power consumption. Key investors include Cisco Investments, Dell Technologies Capital, Kingston Technology Corporation, CFT Capital, and Schlumberger.

• Photovoltaic Devices - The Performance Materials Division of Merck KGaA, plans to use custom small molecules from Nano-C for OPV devices.

• EUV Photo-Resist - Irresistible Materials is using Nano-C developed molecules for a new type of photoresist.

• Display Materials - Nano-C is working with a display manufacturer to qualify their patented transparent carbon nanotube films which also improve durability of commercial ITO over 30x.

Read the full article here.

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