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Thank you, CreaGen Family!

I started my internship at CreaGen Life Science Incubator in July 2016. This journey has been a great and exciting experience for me. A lot of creative work, from sketching to a final product, has been done. I met great new people and could watch the biotech world live, develop, and blossom.

C2I gave me a great opportunity to use and broaden my skills as a graphic designer. I was given an assignment to create a new visual identity that reflected C2I’s views, mission, and character. The project started with the design of a new logo that became the key element of C2I’s brand. My work developed and evolved into a strong concept reflecting Vinay Rajur’s, CEO, initial vision of the company’s brand. This strong key element allowed me to create other parts of C2I’s identity: website, business cards, letterhead, general protocol, and company’s booklet.

I want to say a special thank you to Any Chum, Vinay Rajur, and Raj Rajur for being such a great team and support during my time here.

Iryna Nebosenko

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