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CreaGen Life Science Incubator Rebranding Announcement

Dear Residents, Partners, and Friends of C2I:

CreaGen Life Science Incubator is excited to announce the release of our newly rebranded logo, with great thanks to the work done by our very own Iryna Nebosenko. Our primary goal in re-branding our logo was to provide distinction from our CRO and to welcome our incubator as an independent organization with its own mission. C2I has come a long way since our incorporation as a nonprofit organization in 2014. Since that time, C2I has continued to develop and evolve, reaching a point where we realized that our previous design no longer reflected our vision for the organization and no longer captured the core aspects of our identity. Thus, while making the decision to rebrand was easy, the process of creating a new logo was the result of a lot of reflection, hard work and creativity. This rebranding marks a significant milestone in our growth as an organization, and to our current and future residents, collaborators and partners, we would like to take this opportunity to explain some of the reasoning behind the change and how we incorporated these decisions into our redesign.

Our mission at C2I is to foster the next generation of life science innovation, and in creating a new logo for our incubator, our goal was to reflect the core values that we believe are critical aspects of this mission:


Openness in communication is at the heart of our culture here at CreaGen, and during the design process we hoped to reflect this in our new sky blue color scheme on a white backdrop. At C2I, we put a lot of emphasis on being transparent with our companies and communicating both clearly and effectively with our residents. But openness goes beyond just communication, and part of our intent is to inspire creativity and encourage open-minded thinking when solving the challenges facing life science R&D today. Thus, we aim to create an atmosphere of trusting and open collaboration within our entrepreneurial network, driven by the belief that that great innovation seldom happens in isolation.


A key aspect of our mission is providing simple access to the resources life science entrepreneurs need. In order to reflect this simplicity, we chose a flat look with a sans serif font to symbolize the mindset we have here at C2I. To us, simplicity means low cost, accessibility and reliability: leasing lab space is here is easy; and getting your company set up at the incubator is quick. We have focused on ensuring that anything our residents need to do can be done quickly and efficiently here at C2I. By taking the challenge out of acquiring the necessary resources, we allow our entrepreneurs to focus on developing their technologies and growing their companies.


At our core, we are a science-driven organization and we support companies looking to revolutionize our understanding of human health by enabling them to research and commercialize the next generation of scientific technologies. In paying homage to our CRO roots and expertise in chemistry infrastructure, we recreated our emblem modeling it after the design of the elements on a periodic table. We are an organization of scientists and researchers, and this design choice was thus made in order to reflect our expertise while staying true to our roots as an organization.

We hope this provides some insight into our organization and our identity, and we invite you to join us on our mission as we look to build a brighter future for the global community.


Vinay S. Rajur

CreaGen Life Science Incubator

Chief Executive Officer

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