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C2I’s goal is to help bring the next generation of life science technologies to market. We think it can be done by investing in entrepreneurs and the growing scientific workforce.


We serve the life science industry and community by providing affordable and accessible lab space and equipment to early stage startups and students.


Over the past year, however, we have grown to a point where we can no longer support all the entrepreneurs that reach out to us due to limited space and resources. We have to turn people down.


C2I wants to continue serving the community. Our short-term goal is to raise enough money to refurbish and expand our current facilities by the end of 2016 and provide stronger infrastructure to support more entrepreneurs.


The longer term goal is acquiring a new building for a full-scale implementation of our incubator model.


Your donation will help provide the space and the infrastructure needed to support life science R&D, and together we can help support the C2I entrepreneurs as they develop the next medical and health-related breakthroughs and create more workplaces for the community.


To donate online, please use the button below. You will be redirected to Paypal.

To make an appointment for further discussion, please, fill in the contact form here.

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