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Job Title: People Operations Coordinator

Job Summary:
We’re looking for a passionate coordinator, someone excited to join us on our mission to enable C2I to thrive and make C2I a community our tenants look forward to being a part of everyday! The People Operations Coordinator will perform tasks, such as answering phone calls, emails correspondence, social media marketing and communicating with clients, vendors, team, and management. In addition, the People Operations Coordinator will be integral in culture and event planning. The ideal candidate is a strong communicator, organized, intellectually curious and proactive with a client first mentality. We try to ensure that our tenant’s experiences are awesome and that they find themselves continually engaged in our office culture. If you want the opportunity to have high impact quickly across multiple dimensions, this role may be for you! It’s rare to find this combination - a team that genuinely cares deeply and moves quickly, all the while creating opportunities for everyone. Our coordinator will be trained to use the ordering and receiving platform and tracking expenses and will work with and interact extensively with the entire C2I and CreaGen team. The coordinator will also be properly trained to assure safety and compliance. 

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