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Frequency Therapeutics’ Co-founder and VP, Will McLean, Ph.D., Named To MIT Technology Review’s 2018

Congratulations to our alumni, Frequency Therapeutics' Co-founder and VP, Will McLean, Ph.D. for being named MIT Technology Review's 2018 Innovators Under 35!

Will McLean with the Frequency team have created a new field in regenerative medicine called PCA Regeneration. PCA Regeneration is a "platform with the potential to explore large populations of previously difficult-to-access progenitor cell types to drive drug development into new frontiers." He has made groundbreaking discoveries in regenerative technology seeking to reach in unmet needs including "demyelinating diseases such as alopecia, muscle indications including atrophy and wound care, gastrointestinal diseases, and diabetes."

MIT Technology Review's 2018 Innovators Under 35 list is meant to honor those making breakthroughs with the potential to help lives. The C2I team wishes you good luck in your future endeavors!

Access the full article here.

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